Conflicted Canucks

I often try to imagine what it would be like to move permanently to another country. I can imagine adopting customs, language and food.

But the one thing I can’t imagine is cheering for a country other than Canada or a city other than Toronto (believe me, I tried in various cities… sorry Ottawa but I can’t stand the Sens.)

Which is why in our city there are so many conflicted fans.

I had a look at why recently on Metro Morning.

Should I stay or should I go?

Fitting that song is by a group called “The Clash” because that’s exactly what we have when it comes to the debate over cross-border shopping.

You can bring more goods back over the border now free of charge.

I’m not a big cross-border shopper but I have scored some sweet deals in the past. The problem is, those deals come at a cost… which is why Mike Colle wants people to shop in Toronto.

Meanwhile, this woman is not going to apologize for her cross-border shopping habit.

Hear them both say their piece (not at the Peace Bridge… although that would be a pretty cool place to hear them debate) as heard on Metro Morning.