Fitness and fines (and fleeting)

I have a bad habit of forgetting to update my blog. Thus this post has two stories. Then again, maybe the change will do me some good. After all, I can’t seem to maintain a consistent pace, so why not attempt something new in 2012? Although, what are the odds that I attempt the new system for a few months and then fall back off the wagon.

Which is why I decided to look into why we find it so hard to maintain new habits.

I’m probably going to pay for having even introduced this idea… in added neurotic thinking.

Speaking of paying, how bout dem proposed parking fines at rush hour?

When I first heard the idea, I thought to myself… why not make the tickets a thousand dollars?

Make the cost so ridiculously high that people have to obey the laws and not slow everyone down because they want to grab a coffee at a Starbucks on Yonge Street while thousands of innocent drivers sit idly chewing their nails and pulling their hair out and swearing out the window and honking their horns, all the while their phone is beeping with annoying texts and the radio is crackling and it’s hot as hell out and the air conditioning is broken and… whoops… sorry got a little carried away.

How bout just listening to what I learned about our relationship to parking fines.

I need to clear my head now. Yoga time.

(I don’t do yoga, but have always wanted to say that in order to sound enlightened.)

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