“Chugging” along

I love learning new terms. Especially derogatory terms. Not necessarily because I have any interest in using them, but more so because they can give great insight into the way people think and feel. 

Yesterday, while I was on the air presenting my latest piece about why face-to-face charity canvassing works so well, a listener wrote in and told us about the term “chugger.” It’s British and stands for “charity mugger.”

 There is so much disdain in Britain for the practice, that it’s been restricted in Manchester.

But why? Is it about the practice itself of accosting people on the street for donations? Or is it more about the feelings it elicits about ourselves and our own charitable contributions?

My story spawned a lot of debate and reaction. Here’s what happened.

Meanwhile, now that I am comfortable and familiar with my “derogatory term of the day,” I’ll move on to another. I’d like an explanation for the term douche to describe a bastard of a dude.

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