If I had some remedy… Remedy for me please.

Whenever I get sick, I hum “Remedy” by The Black Crowes.

Well, maybe not WHENEVER I get sick… but often.

Ok, maybe it just came to me now as I was thinking about home remedies for the flu and thought I would write it out as an excuse to go and listen to the song.

It is this kind of tangential thinking that mirrors the logic many of us use when we decide why one cold remedy is better than another.

However it’s one thing to decide that you’re going to stick with oil of oregano as opposed to ginger tea or Echinacea… it’s another to impose your idea on another person.

I explored why on Metro Morning:

Amateur doctors unite!

And for all those with the flu who do want to hum The Black Crowes to help them get better… here you go:

2 thoughts on “If I had some remedy… Remedy for me please.

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