S-Haim on us

Corey Haim will be buried sometime soon in Toronto. He wasn’t really on my radar during the 80s, which seems hard to believe considering the number of movies I watched.

Of course he is on my radar now, as his entire life is dissected in minute detail. The picture I have chosen to post is from a time before we had seemingly unlimited access to the lives of actors and musicians.

I long for that time again.

I assume that people who are showered with attention and earn millions of dollars… are messed up. Corey Haim’s death is yet another tragic example of stardom gone wrong. Do we really need to know who these people are?

Music and movies are a form of entertainment and relaxation. I don’t need to be burdened with inside knowledge of who they are. They help us suspend our disbelief, now let’s keep it that way.

Gaga for Gaga

I have recently developed a semi-unhealthy liking for Lady Gaga. I think she is immensely talented, and can actually sing!I am not ashamed to admit this as a man. I enjoy talent, in all forms. However, after watching the video for Bad Romance, I found myself linking to exclusive interviews with Gaga. Sadly, these interviews didn’t enhance my enjoyment of her music, but instead did the opposite. Now I know too much, and cannot watch or listen in the same way.

Gaga may be ruined for me, but Corey Haim doesn’t have to suffer the same fate. I’ve never seen “The Lost Boys.” Perhaps I’ll go and rent the original… rather than reading about his temper tantrums on set.

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