Bored to death?

Do you find yourself dozing off at work because you haven’t got enough to do in your cubicle?

According to new research, it could actually be fatal.

There are alternatives out there to the 9-5 system… and one of them in particular has been popular to debate.

Hear why as aired on Metro Morning:

Results Only Work Environment

In the piece, I mention a¬†cartoon classic… for those wondering what the heck I am talking about, here it is:

2 thoughts on “Bored to death?

  1. I prefer a results only work environment. There’s so much about office work and the environment, the hierarchies, the gossip, the boredom, the commute, that is truly crazy-making and does nothing whatsoever to encourage productivity. Of course you do miss the social aspect of going to an office, but what you get in return – a sense of freedom, working to get things done and not finding ways to fill in the time, for example — is invaluable.

  2. My semester exams are over. Though loads of study, assignments, and blah blah is left but I have still nothing to do. I’m bored to tears. TV, movies, music, reading, doing funny things, reading jokes, PC games, getting out of
    house..nothing is working.

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