Slap Happy

vinceoffer-slapchopThe man you see pictured is Vince Shlomi… better known as the pitch guy behind Slap Chop and Sham Wow. Vince speaks and moves like a three-card monte expert. His antics have inadvertently led to a wonderful discovery.

I have never purchased anything via television, but I recently admitted that this particular gadget whet my normally meagre consumer appetite.

As a result of the admission, it was purchased for me as a joke.

I tried it out, and as expected, the Slap Chop was nothing more than added pain. That’s because you have to pre-chop your vegetables in order for them to fit under the cylinder. Why would I bother using this thing if I am already pulling out the cutting board and knife?

My spirit broken, I had no use for the Slap Chop (nor the Graty, its cheese grating compatriot.)

That is until recently, when a friend of mine stopped by my place. Much to my surprise, as I regaled him with the excrutiating details of my attempt to slap an onion around, his eyes lit up.

He has a form of cerebral palsy called right hemiplegia. It affects the fine motor skills and sensation on the right side of his body. As a result, he has a hard time chopping and grating.

I am now pleased to announce that the Slap Chop and Graty have found a new home and are both an unmitigated success. This illustrates beautifully the old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

My friend’s life is changing, one slap at a time.

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