Bark-ing up the right tree

charles-barkley-dui-arrestI find 99% of TV sports panels exceedingly boring. In fact, I find 99% of network television exceedingly boring… with one exception: Charles Barkley. I firmly believe he is the most entertaining person on the tube right now.

As a broadcaster, I struggle constantly with fighting through the fear of saying something on-air that may offend someone.  However, that is an impossibility, particularly if you are attempting to not just inform, but also entertain.

Barkley, be it brilliance or ignorance, is pure entertainment. Unafraid to speak the truth, he is able to poke fun at himself, his colleagues and those who watch him, with equal veracity.

Watch the crew pull a prank on Charles.

He may not be a model citizen, but as a viewer, it is irrelevant. Make me smile and I will continue watching.

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